Free course content

Day 1: Getting Organized
  • Orientation: how to take this course
  • Visualization exercise to build up your resolve for going nomadic via the “Sliding Doors” exercise.
  • How to determine the best travel program for your situation.
  • Intro to the master checklist for tracking 42 key tasks
Day 2 - Program selection, resolving employment & living situation issues
  • If you have a remote-friendly job how to get buy-in from your employer : strategy, tactics, ammo from others who have excelled
  • If not are you willing to change jobs to make it happen? Use your savings to travel?
  • Resources for finding remote-friendly work or creating your own business
  • Options for getting out of your lease (early termination penalty, sublet, subrogation)
  • Getting free of other common encumbrances
Day 3 - Passport, Visas, Insurance, Immunization, storing stuff, mail forwarding
  • Sorting out your passport and visa situation
  • Sorting out your immunization requirements
  • Obtaining traveler’s insurance and canceling other forms of domestic insurance
  • Storing and/or selling your possessions and vehicle
  • Handling your snail mail
Day 4 - Financial & Communications
  • Reducing paper footprint with bills and billing
  • Securing a travel-friendly ATM/debit card
  • Securing a travel-friendly credit card that earns you travel points
  • Solving your telephony needs
  • Setting up proper payments apps

Paid course content

Day 5 - Gear purchases
  • Figuring out the most appropriate luggage for your travels
  • Identifying your must-haves
  • Identifying your luxury items
Day 6 - Infosec Part 1
  • Getting set up with a VPN service
  • Locking down your computer with timed screen lock and mouse corners for quickly locking screen
  • Enabling full disk encryption 
  • Enabling a firewall  
  • Migrating all your sensitive passwords and accounts into a password manager
Day 7 - Infosec Part II
  • Configuring the most appropriate backup process for your situation
  • Setting up 2-factor authentication on any important accounts 
  • Implementing power and connectivity redundancy if your job demands it 
  • Other useful tips & tricks when working from the road
Day 8 - Mobile Apps
  • Enabling passcode, iCloud backup, wifi calling
  • Setting up core mobile apps for
    • Payments
    • Navigation
    • Communications
    • Transportation
    • Lodging
    • Discovery
    • Airline tickets
    • Utilities
  • Tweaking phone settings for reduced battery consumption
Day 9 - Program-specific orientation (culture, activities, rituals, etc)
  • Introduction to travel programs and their mechanics
  • Overview of the Remote Year program and its components (tracks, town halls, transition days, knowledge drops, positive impact, etc)
Day 10 - Memories preservation
  • Overview of Instagram, Snapchat, Blog, Vlogging, 1sec/Day app 
  • Offline journaling (TurboScan)
  • Sending physical postcards via the TouchNote app
  • Enabling Google Timeline, Swarm app, Polar Steps for tracking your activities over time
  • Syndicating your travel blog via
Day 11 - Wellness & Personal Safety
  • Ensuring proper nutrition on the road
  • Options for staying fit while traveling
  • Introduction to personal safety basics (situational awareness, distance, de-escalation, basic combatives)
  • iSOS registration & usage
  • Making yourself traceable by trusted friends & family using Tiles and iPhone family sharing
Day 12 - The Art of Side trips
  • Scouting: Travel blogs, take the lead, be inclusive. Slack polls & emojis
  • Discovery: blogs and travel sites
  • Planning: Rome2Rio, Evernote w travel deets 
  • Visas and Schengen days (Schengen calculator
  • Booking: flight apps, BlaBlaCar, Couchsurfing, Airbnb (VRBO), group buying power
  • Executing: splitwise, WA temp groups, share live location)
  • importance of Exit Confirmation
Day 13 - Lessons from deconstructing Sean’s 7 biggest travel snafus
  • When a Chilean airport agent has it out for you (exit conf, plane ticket, printed, yellow fever card, 2fa for public terminals) 
  • Sleeping in an ATM booth (accoms in advance, HotelTonight for last minute emergencies, AirBnb support) 
  • Sales calls in hail storms at Cliffs of Moher (connectivity redundancy, calendly quarantine windows, tethering)
  • Carrie detained in UK (the W word in immigration interrogations) 
  • When your luggage stays behind Barcelona/San Sebastian (value of Tiles, check dest tag, not safe until at gate with verbal conf) 
  • Dysfunctionality of customs : 6 boxes return to sender (gifts, value delcaration, VAT)
  • Delayed flight out of Miami = missing the FEIE by one day (, buffer days) 
Day 14 - Taxes, Pro Tips, Final Countdown & Wrap-up:
  • Implementing backup payment method on Uber & ApplePay
  • Putting Tiles in everything, scotchgard and Permetherin everything, passport RFID accidents
  • Downloading offline Gmaps, scan passport, Split cards, paper copy of passport in moneybelt 
  • Making the most of local experiences: EatWith, Meetup, Internations, AirBnb experiences
  • Understanding the FEIE – pay for your whole year via tax loophole (consider residency in non income tax state prior). FEIEcalc
  • Best resources for rapid language acquisition
  • Adopting a “tribal mentality”
  • Preserving friendships back home
  • Dating on the road
  • Getting through the 3-month dip
  • Being a responsible nomad (aka not a “bromad”)