What do people do with their physical mail while traveling?

Questions & AnswersCategory: MailWhat do people do with their physical mail while traveling?
Sean Tierney Staff asked 5 years ago

I still get a ton of snail mail at my physical home address, some of which are checks and bills that I would need to deal with while traveling. How do others cope with this situation? .

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Sean Tierney Staff answered 5 years ago

There are services like Earth Class Mail which you can use to open, scan and send you your mail electronically while on the road. You just open an account then go to your local post office and put in a forwarding order on your current address so that your mail gets delivered to your ECM address. They’ll open and scan your mail then email it to you. You then have the option of requesting that the physical item be forwarded to you or trashed. You can also set them up with access to deposit checks on your behalf. 
I’ve not personally used this service but I know people who swear by it. I just had my mail forwarded to my folks’ address and now use their addy for all my snail mail correspondence. I get very few things physically mailed to me. It’s worth going through all your current mail and switching over to eStatements on everything. The few things you can’t do that with are voting ballots (depending on where you live), juror summons and IRS correspondence. For this stuff you’ll need to have a solution but between ECM & family handling it on your behalf this shouldn’t be a blocker.