Is there any way to do one of these programs but not go for a full year?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Travel ProgramsIs there any way to do one of these programs but not go for a full year?
Sean Tierney Staff asked 5 years ago

A year is a really long time. I have a dog and I’m just not comfortable leaving my dog for a full year. Are there any options to do one of these travel programs in a more bite-sized fashion?

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Sean Tierney Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes. Remote Year has started offering 4-mo programs for people who aren’t able or interested in committing to a full year. Wifi Tribe offers a different ala carte model where you buy “chapters” that are periods of 4-6wks that can be used at any point during the next year with volume discounts based on how many you buy. We Roam allows you to go monthly with just a one-month commitment up to a full year. 
You would need to research the individual programs to understand their policies in terms of suspending service, refund policies, minimum commitments, etc. But there are plenty of ways to dip into the nomadic life without committing to a full year. That said, I do think there is a unique dynamic to a group that comes together having just “burned their boats” and committed to a full year. I can only speak to the experience I had having done Remote Year for the full year but it was a very special bond that our group developed and I’m not sure that would have been possible on a shorter term.