How did you handle the phone situation while abroad?

Questions & AnswersCategory: PhoneHow did you handle the phone situation while abroad?
Sean Tierney Staff asked 5 years ago

Do you have any recommendations for phone providers or plans? How good was cell service abroad and did you find it to be disruptive to your job at all? I have a job that requires I be reliably reachable via phone during business hours and I’m concerned that this may not be possible while traveling.

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Sean Tierney Staff answered 5 years ago

I had Verizon prior to traveling because it had the best service in my hometown, Phoenix, AZ. I switched to T-Mobile just prior to leaving and was very happy with that decision. As Director of Sales for Pagely I did about 5 sales calls per day so I needed to have flawless phone service. T-Mobile was a great option and worked in all 18 countries I traveled with the exception of Morocco. It’s worth noting they now have a 70% domestic policy that requires the majority of your roaming be domestic-only. I have not actually seen this enforced however and I still use T-Mobile to this day despite having been abroad for 1.5yrs.

I also opted-in for the optional local SIM program with Remote Year and would put a local SIM in an unlocked crappy burner iPhone everywhere we went. This did a couple things:

  1. allowed me to have redundant ability to tether for data
  2. ability to have a local number

We were using Uberconference for conference calls at the time and they have local dial-in number options for most countries which meant I had a fully redundant method based on the PSTN (public switched telephone network – not VoiP) everywhere we went. This was maybe overkill as I only needed it a handful of times but it was great in terms of having that confidence that I could always get on a call regardless of the local internet or T-Mobile situation.