Will my valuables be safe in my living space? I've heard there have been thefts

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    How secure are the accommodations? Is there anything we can do to ensure our valuables are safe?

    Sean Tierney

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    The accommodations at least for Remote Year were all secured fairly well and we didn’t have any theft issues in our group. The only time we had an issue was in our Riad in Morocco we thought we had an intruder one night. It turned out it was the caretaker who lived in space that accessed ours who got hammered one night and broke every glass in his kitchen. RY took appropriate action once they learned that there was a non-RY person sharing our space and the guy was fired the next day. In general though the accommodations were all very well secured. I know Libertatems did a side trip in month one where like 8 people had their laptops stolen but that was I believe an AirBnb where it happened.

    If you’re really concerned I would buy a chain lock and most places will have a radiator you can lock your suitcase to. Then just obviously lock anything valuable in your suitcase. In the advanced NomadPrep course I show you how you can use 2 free apps to turn your backup phone into a motion-activated CCTV system that you can place in your room and have it auto-arm/disarm when you leave/arrive. That setup won’t deter a thief but it’ll capture the theft on video if one happens while you’re away.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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