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    Am I better off buying a dedicated hotspot or tethering off my phone and purchasing a SIM card? If the former, does anyone have recommendations for a model that works in most places?

    Sean Tierney

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    I would save the $$ you would spend on a hotspot and instead buy a backup phone that can be used as a hotspot but also as a fallback in the event your main phone gets lost, damaged or stolen. I would get an unlocked phone that mirrors your current model, clone it so it matches your existing one then buy a prepaid local SIM in each city. Enable tethering so you can use that phone as your hotspot. Whatever data plan you have on your main phone can then be conserved purely for the phone itself. Do all heavy workload tethering off the burner phone and only use tethering on your main phone in the event you run out of data or juice on your burner phone.

    I cover this in the course but I highly recommend the app “OfferUp” for finding a cheap, unlocked phone. Get the seller to supply the IMEI number prior to meeting and check it via this site. That will enable you to preliminarily verify it’s truly unlocked prior to meeting. You can then use the in-person methods described here to confirm it’s 100% unlocked before purchase.

    This way you kill 2 birds and get a hotspot and phone redundancy in one purchase. OfferUp has great deals and you can typically find something within a day or two depending on where you are. good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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