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    Shortly before leaving to go abroad I switched over from Bank of America to Charles Schwab checking account and it was the best thing for peace of mind on day-to-day banking that I could have done (note I’m a US resident so can’t speak to alternatives for my international friends). The no ATM fees worldwide is a life saver. Its already tough enough to keep budgets on track and be mindful of exchange rates and the like so not having to worry how much each ATM visit was costing me was perfect – not to mention you can take out smaller amounts so you don’t have too much on you at any one time (in case of pick pockets) without the fear of being constantly charged a fee every time you go to get cash.

    However, couple small things to be mindful of:

      You still pay the fee up front, Schwab will reimburse you at the end of the month in one lump sum. If you’re someone who likes to get in the weeds and track every little thing that can be annoying.
      To that above point, I’d roughly keep track of your ATM visits and what you took out (going back through your statement history is easy-ish enough) since I know a couple times people didn’t get reimbursed in certain countries and needed to call to rectify it. I don’t recall the exact city but I believe the country was Argentina where some troubles popped up
      You’ll need to also open an investment account with them along with the checking but you don’t need to put anything in it so you can just ignore that piece if you want
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