What do most people do with their car while abroad?

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    I have a car now that I love and I’m planning to go nomadic for a period then come back home. Do most people sell their vehicle, store it, loan it to a friend? How is this typically handled and what are the variables to consider in deciding?

    Sean Tierney

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    So if you’re only planning to travel briefly, you love your current vehicle and are for sure coming back, storing or loaning your car is likely the best option. If you’re doing open-ended travel with the chance of continuing indefinitely you may be better served just selling it now. It also depends on other questions like “is it paid off?” “What do comps on eBay motors suggest you can get for it?” And, “do you have a free storage location or a friend who could take care of it in your absence?” 

    Personally I stored my Tahoe at my parent’s cabin and had them start it and move it periodically. This worked great for a full year and a half at which point I realized I’m not coming back and promptly sold it via eBay motors. I had originally assumed I’d be coming back after my year abroad but on conclusion of our program I was still ready for more travel and not interested in returning so the vehicle equation changed. 

    Whatever you do I believe the more you can eliminate anchors of stuff like cars, leases, other possessions, it helps you to make more unfettered decisions prioritize experiences over stuff. The last thing you want is a bunch of open loops around things like insuring a stored vehicle, paying for storage for your stuff, worrying how to break a long-term lease… to the extent you can minimize your obligations and “stuff footprint” over time, the easier it’ll be to make the leap to going nomadic when that time comes. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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