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    When it came to tracking my travels, I used two main apps – one passively and one actively, one for larger city-level categorization and one for specific location / destination logging, respectively.

      Polar Steps – passive, city-level categorization – this app got recommended to me by a fellow nomad a couple months into my Remote Year trip and it was one of my favorite apps the rest of the way. After downloading the app, creating a simple profile and “starting a trip” the app passively tracks your location in the background so as you take surprise trips out to various smaller cities or locations off the beaten path Polar Steps has it all tracked for you without you needing to do anything (you can deliberately go into the app and add steps/stops you’ve made as well). You can add photos to each step to create a more elaborate slideshow and the map visualizations they show you are always a nice thing to reflect on. The best feature to me was just being able to see how many miles or km I traveled over the year (technically wrapped the whole globe miles-wise!). I know it has to be using some extra battery life on my phone but to be honest never noticed it making a marked difference.
      Swarm – active, specific destination tracking – this spinoff app from Foursquare was great for tracking specific restaurants, cafes, scenic spots and touristy destinations you’ve been to. It comes in massively handy once people start asking you for recommendations based on where you been since you’ll wind up going to so many places you may start to forget some hidden gems you’ve stumbled across those will help jog your memory and make you look like a travel hero to your friends and family. If you want to be an altruistic traveler you can leave tips and reviews for your location check-ins that get ported over right to Foursquare through the app as well. Lastly, since I’ve returned they’ve released an update with features that align more with a global traveler helping you quickly navigate past location check-ins via regional and country based navigation.
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