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Whitney Bateson

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Hi! I’m Whitney in Washington DC. I’ll be joining the Curie Remote Year program at the end of September and saw your course on Slack – and I’m so thankful! Reviewing the checklist and everything already has shown me this really is a one-stop-shop!

Anyway enough with the gratitude, back to the questions!

What motivates you to want to become a digital nomad?
I took a trip to Bali a few months ago and had an inkling I would want to get back out there after I came back. I’ve only recently started traveling solo and far&wide, but much like you Sean, I feel that travel opens something up inside of me that makes me a better human, more alive, and happy.

What are you hoping to get out of this course?
I just started my business so I want to be 100% prepared for this trip so I can continue to grow my business successfully while abroad.

What’s something ridiculous about yourself that you’re willing to share?
That’s a tough one… let’s just go with this: I’ve created a playlist on Spotify that I work out almost exclusively to with all sorts of rock/woman-empowerment songs and I’ve named it “Bad*ss B*tch” 😀