Reply To: Which vaccines should I get?

Sean Tierney

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Totally depends on what countries and areas you’re traveling in… I cover this in Day 3 of the free course so you should just take that but TLDR; I got hep A/B, tetanus, yellow fever & typhoid. I didn’t do malaria because frankly it wasn’t a risk in most of the places we were in in South America. Also, malaria is totally treatable and the inoculation for it has undesirable side effects like weird dreams and having to limit your sun exposure.

Truth on the yellow fever question: leaving Chile for Costa Rica they insisted I produce my yellow fever vaccine card. Fortunately I had it in my passport holder because they wouldn’t have let me fly without it. I don’t believe a scan suffices either- they want to see the physical card (these guys were hardasses and also required printed exit confirmation for egress from CR and it had to be a flight and not a bus). I recommend doing Day 3 of the course as there’s a link that shows you which vaccines are recommended for each locale. It varies not just by country but by area within the country that you’re traveling.