The Nomad Podcast is back and has a stellar lineup of interesting nomads you’ll be meeting over the coming weeks. If you noticed the content there had languished it’s because I had paused that effort back in October of last year. Doing the podcast was an extremely time-consuming ordeal (~6hrs per episode all told) with little return in the way of generating new students for the course. With some guidance and encouragement from my friend Matt of The Maverick Show and the enablement provided by Nomad Cruise in April (inspiration and interviewee pool) I’ve relaunched this effort. I’ve tweaked the format and am in process of delegating out the production of each episode to make it realistic for me to keep a stream of interviews rolling.

Why this matters

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said:

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men and women to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

If you’re interested in taking your job on the road and adopting the digital nomad lifestyle your challenge isn’t so much about cognitively learning all the steps involved as it is deepening your resolve. If you have strong enough resolve you will figure everything else out. And the best way to deepen your resolve is by absorbing inspiring stories from people who have been there done that and had a transformative experience. That is the mission of Nomad Podcast, to help develop your resolve for going abroad and to imbue all kinds of tips and learning from countless experiences that will guarantee you’re more successful at it than you would have been otherwise.

What’s new

As I mentioned I’ve tweaked some things for the relaunch. In order of importance they are:

  • You’ll notice it’s an audio-only format now and the audio quality is MUCH better. Previously I had recoded all the episodes via Zoom using Apple earbuds as the audio interface and this just didn’t cut it quality-wise. I’ve since stepped up my audio game with professional mics and using the Zoom H6 audio recorder.
  • The video for each episode is now a brief 2min trailer for the episode with the guest giving a quick summary and selling the value of why you should tune in. The old format was presenting the entire recorded interview as a video which very few people were watching. The new format retains the value of getting to see the guest but is a greatly condensed trailer that sells you on why you should tune into his/her audio episode.
  • The podcast is now syndicated via Stitcher bringing the total count up to 10 platforms now supported. You can listen via whichever is your favorite method of podcast consumption (my personal preference is Overcast).
  • It now has professional cover art and a proper intro/outro. This ultimately isn’t a huge deal but does elevate the level of professionalism of the show which should in theory make it more appealing to first-time listeners and produce more repeat listeners.

The net effect

I have a backlog of 10 amazing guest interviews queued up which I will be releasing over the coming weeks and my mission is to interview the people who I think will be most helpful for aspiring and current road warriors. You can find the trailer for the first episode of the reboot below. Let me know what you think of the new format and if you dig the show please subscribe and review on your favorite podcast listening platform (links in the header here).