I’m excited to unveil something I’ve been working on recently: The Nomad Prep Advocate Program. If you have a significant social media following in the nomad space this is an opportunity to rep the podcast and course to your followers and make some residual income in the process.

The link above explains the opportunity in detail but the video below is a good 6min summary:

Basically it’s a two-tier affiliate program that compensates you for:

  1. any direct referrals of paying students you originate.
  2. indirect referrals when you originate another advocate and paying students come in via their link.

I’m now accepting applications at the above link from other influencers in the space and setting the commission to a whopping 25% on both direct and indirect referrals. This is your opportunity to be grandfathered in for lifetime at the max tier and bypass what will be gated commission tiers in the future to achieve these payout levels.

I’ve interviewed 25 incredibly bright individuals for the podcast and have over 75 videos in my course to teach every aspect of the prep involved in going from cube-dweller to location-independent worker in two weeks. This is an opportunity to introduce your followers to this valuable material and get compensated for doing so. Watch the video above to learn the realistic math involved for making a 4-figure monthly commission check via this program.

Let me know in a comment if you have any questions on this program. Currently all payouts are handled via PayPal but I plan to support ACH, wire transfer, Stripe and Bitcoin eventually once volume demands it. cheers