You’ll notice there’s now a Q&A item in the upper menu of this site. Consistent with my goal to create the resource I wished I had when I was first making the transition to digital nomad, I’ve scoured the Internets for the 50 most important nomad-related questions and then put them into a categorized and searchable format. Actually there’s a bit more to it than that… let me explain the benefits of this resource:

  • Type ahead search for fast retrieval: you can start typing a keyword and as you type it searches the knowledge base for any questions/answers containing your keyword. This gives you a fast way to quickly look up a bunch of answers to stuff.
  • Categorized info: if you’re more just browsing to see what you don’t know you don’t know you can do so by topic. Everything is organized into a hierarchical, sensible taxonomy so you can peruse info by realm.
  • Deep-dive synthesis: I’ve answered a bunch of Q’s anecdotally but I’ve also begun doing what I call deep-dive responses where I cull through a bunch of resources, sift out the chaff and distill the nuggets from a handful of different resources to yield a concise but well-rounded response.
  • Cross-linked with the course and podcast material: on the deep dives I’m listing source references and as well links to the other related content from the course and the podcast where relevant. This should tie everything together and provide the visitor with opportunity to dig even deeper and get exposed to peripherally-related useful gems.

This (as with everything here) is one big experiment to see if it can help provide value while simultaneously driving awareness of the course and podcast to aspiring nomads investigating this lifestyle. I reserve the right to pull the plug on this project if it turns out to be fruitless 😉 The first deep-dive researched answer is on the question of how to reduce jet lag.

Let me know what if anything else you’d like to see out of this effort. This was intentionally done as an open Q&A system so you’re able as a student to submit new questions as well as provide answers of your own on others’ questions if you have valuable insight to lend. If you dig this effort spread the word to anyone for whom you think it could be helpful. Happy nomading.