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Do you find yourself answering questions like:

“How do you travel full-time?”

“Do you ever work?”

“You’re so lucky, how can I have your life?”


How much back and forth are you doing now giving free advice? What if you could steer these aspiring nomads to a single training resource that answers all their questions AND get paid for doing it?

Save time, make money, give value…

I’m the host of Nomad Podcast and the author of the Nomad Prep course (the site you’re on now). I was a full-time nomad for 3 years and created the tool I wished existed when I was preparing to take my job on the road. With the introduction of the “Advocate Program” I’m now making it possible for influencers like yourself in the digital nomad space to make money referring students as well as other influencers. I’ve been featured in a number of publications including Inc Magazine, Wired Magazine, Pressnomics, InvisionApp blog and Remote Year’s web site. If you want to learn more about the “why” of this project read here.

Benefits to you

  • Monetize your following. Earn 25% on anyone you refer who becomes a paying student. You can also build a “downline” of influencers you originate and earn 25% on any paying students they originate.
  • Give value. The first 4 days of the course is completely free so worst case you’re giving your followers some solid value and access to a powerful program that’s helped a number of people make the nomadic transition.
  • Save time. You have a single link to share every time you get barraged with questions on how you do what you do.
  • Grow your visibility. If you have built a substantial, loyal following there’s a decent chance I want to interview you for It’s invite-only but I prioritize participating advocates.

Benefits to your followers

  • Education: they’ll get a complete 2-week course that leads them through the process of preparing to go nomadic starting with mindset programming, clearing obstacles, solving the employment or financing issues, then onto handling logistical hurdles like visas, immunizations, insurance, info sec prep, gear purchases, etc.
  • Inspiration: the educational component is really just the “sugar-coating.” The real “nutrition” of the course is the seeds of inspiration peppered throughout the program that embed their resolve to ultimately act on going nomadic. Not everyone will follow through but this course increases the likelihood of participants achieving their stated goal of doing what you do (hence why Remote Year now gives it out to all their lost leads).
  • Confidence: As I said I built the tool I wish I had. The cornerstone of the course is a 42-point interactive checklist that students get to keep regardless of whether they choose to pay for the full course. This tool ensures they miss nothing in their preparation efforts. See the video on the homepage for testimonials on how instrumental it has been for the students who used it.

How it works

You are amongst the first influencers invited to participate in this program and in so being an early Advocate you will be offered the highest level commission that will ever be offered on both direct students you bring personally as well as indirect students generated via advocates you bring. Once this early cohort is closed future Advocates will start at the 15% commission tier and only ever reach the 25% level after surpassing two revenue milestones.

When you’re approved as an Advocate you get a unique tracking link like that you use to refer people to the course. Any students who come through your link and convert to paying students within 90 days, you’ll earn 25% commission. Any Advocates who signup via your link and then originate paying students, likewise for each of their originated paying students you’ll earn 25% commission.

I will be taking a small cohort of early advocates (~10-15) and working with them to refine this program and ensure their success. As an approved early Advocate you will be grandfathered in with lifetime 25% commissions without needing to reach any revenue milestones.

When you’re ready to move forward apply via the form below and you can ask any questions you have in the last comment box. You can also navigate the slides from the video below: