Take on the world

The 14-day Nomad Prep course is a step-by-step guide that prepares you to take your job on the road and work abroad.

Take your job on the road for a year and crush it abroad.

Learn everything you need to do your best work from anywhere.

That feeling when you realize you are right where you should be...

Demystify the art of going nomadic and make the transition gracefully.

Learn how to plan incredible side trips and make the most of your travel.

Gain the soft skills for navigating group dynamics of travel programs.

Save money and time via travel hacks, mobile apps, packing tips and more.

Learn proper security, redundancy and infosec practices.

Get ready to have a new extended family.

Stare out into the unknown...

...then go confidently forward into the adventure of a lifetime.

Prep Efficiently

Save hours spent sifting through travel guides and conflicting advice online. Nomad Prep puts your preparation on rails and paces you through each step of going nomadic efficiently.

Avoid Mistakes

From visas, medical & financial considerations, gear recs, packing techniques, travel hacks, useful mobile apps, personal safety strategies, infosec and contingency planning, this course ensures you avoid costly errors. 

Thrive Abroad

The advanced follow-up course teaches US travelers a tax secret that alone can help you recoup the cost of travel. Gain access to monthly master mind calls. Learn how to turn your backup phone into a CCTV system and more. 

Sean has been featured by these reputable sources:

Sean excelled while traveling and working via Remote Year. He’s crafted a top-notch guide for helping others make the leap to adopting this lifestyle. Highly recommend his course if you’re an aspiring digital nomad. Michelle Lakness

Business Development Lead, Remote Year

This is an excellent guided prep tool for anyone considering going nomadic. I was one of the program leaders for Sean’s group. He has a real knack for distiling information and teaching it.

Aline Yntema

Program Leader, Remote Year